Join me in the 1900s: a social history of everyday life

This website is about what living in the early-mid 20th Century UK was like for ordinary people: what they experienced, why they did what they did and how they felt about it. Consequently, the website lets you into the mindset of ordinary people, and is like an online or virtual museum of everyday life. It has hundreds of pages of firsthand recollections, pictures and information from numerous contributors who were there at the time. It is specifically not intended as a factual history of events; plenty of other sites serve that purpose. However some has been included as background.

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The rationale for the website is that Pat Cryer, the webmaster, strongly believes that an understanding of how things were in the past should not be allowed to die. Consequently, her time and expertise are freely given. The website is not sponsored and neither is it selling anything. The only income is from the ads which goes towards the hosting costs.

Why use this website

This website should be useful for family history, school homework, historical projects and as general interest. Although centred on the UK, it largely applies in various countries with a similar heritage, particularly Australia, Canada, Ireland and USA.

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