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Contact email for Pat Cryer, the webmaster

I can be contacted on the following email address. Please retype it because there is no electronic link. This is to prevent spam abuse. Please note that there is no gender-neutral term for 'webmaster' which is why I use 'webmaster' for myself even though I am a woman. Pat stands for Patricia not Patrick.

contact information

I am always pleased to receive comments and additional material, but if you want to contact me for any other reason, please read on.

of images or text

Reproduction in any form of any image or text longer than a paragraph requires my express written permission or the written permission of the copyright holder, copied to me. Such reproductions must carry an acknowledgement to this website.

The quizzes are also ©Pat Cryer but may be used online in their current form without charge. They may not be reproduced without my permission.


The recollections of my mother are ©Pat Cryer, as are my own recollections and research.

The holders of the original images and contributions own their own copyright in accordance with copyright law, but have authorised use on this website - and on this website only. I act as their agents in matters of copyright infringement from this website.

Other images on this website are ©Pat Cryer. All rights are reserved.

Your Questions

If you have a question which I can answer from my existing database, I will do so, although a thank you would be nice, as would taking the trouble to address me by name or using the site search box or other search facility to see if your question is already answered.

Please remember that I am a private individual, working alone and unsalaried. I am unable, therefore, to do your research for you.


I am not in a position to make valuations. So please don't ask whether something you have is worth anything or how to sell it. I do not respond to such requests.

Special Requests

If in doubt or with special requests, feel free to contact me.

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