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Almost all websites use cookies which are are very small text files downloaded onto visitors' computers for various reasons. It is recommended that you don't disable them because this would probably affect the functionality of most of the websites that you visit in future. You can, though, do so if you wish within any one browser - see its Help menu. You can similarly delete cookies that are already set.

The EU requires that the use of cookies on a website be declared to its visitors with the option to accept, reject or modify them.

The following cookies may be set when you visit this website:

Essential cookies

Essential cookies, also known as strictly necessary cookies, are needed for the proper functioning of a website. Examples include: cookies that keep users logged in to a website; cookies that save a user's preferences such as language; cookies that remember items saved to a shopping cart, etc.

Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies allow webmasters to list the numbers visitors' hits on various web pages. The tracking cookies on this site are placed by Google for Google Analytics, and no personal information on visitors is stored on this website. You can find out how Google uses your data at https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245.]

Third Party Advertiser Cookies

Advertisers place cookies on visitors' computers to provide a better advertising experience. This site uses advertising from Google Adsense to fund its free service, and again no personal information on visitors is stored on this website. AdSense uses cookies to improve advertising. Some common applications are to target advertising based on what's relevant to a user, to improve reporting on campaign performance and to avoid showing ads that the user has already seen. Here is the link to find out more.

Don't show again cookies

Various applications show messages which give visitors the option of the message not being shown again, and cookies inform the applications that this has been opted for. Such cookies may become inactive after a certain time. On this site the cookie information message sets such a cookie when the message is dismissed by the visitor, and again no personal information is stored on this website.

Visitors contributions to the website

Some visitors to this website offer their own contributions which the webmaster edits and posts over the contributor's name. The wording of all such posts are agreed by email between the contributor and the webmaster; and the webmaster keeps the email addresses securely in case the contributor needs to be contacted again. Contributors' email addresses are never shown on the website or sold on, and even when someone requests a contributor's contact details, these details are not supplied. The webmaster forwards the enquiry to the contributor concerned and leaves it to the contributor whether or not to respond to the person making the enquiry.

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