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Then and now photos of old Edmonton UK

There are many more mentions of old Edmonton on this website because so many of the recollections stem from there. Just put Edmonton into the search box.

This page shows a set of comparison photographs, comparing the early 1900s photographs on this website with more recent ones (2009) taken from the same vantage point. The page was started with contemporary photographs taken by John Cunningham whose help and interest I gratefully acknowledge. Note in particular:

- The absence of cars on the road in the early 1900s.
- The absence of line markings on the roads.
- The absence of satellite dishes.
- The different street lamps which were almost certainly gas.
- The black and white versus colour photographs.


Then and now: changes in Silver Street, Edmonton in the last hundred years

The corner of Silver Street and Bulwer Road, left in the early 1900s and right in 2009

Bullocks General Provision store, Silver Street, Edmonton, early 1900s and now

Left, the corner of Haselbury Road and Silver street in the early 1900s as a grocer's shop; and right, in 2009. Note that the chimney and the upstairs window are still the same. It is currently a young offenders half way house.

Warwick Road, Edmonton, in the early 1900s and now

Left, Warwick Road in the early 1900s; and right, in 2009.

The old Bull Inn, Edmonton, before 1904 and the new inn.

Above left, the old Bull Pub on the corner of Lopen Road and Silver Street which was demolished in 1904; and right, the 'new' Bull pub in 2009. This would have been the Bull pub that my mother knew - although without the cars outside and the satellite dish.

Pymmes Villas in 1935 taken from inside Pymmes Park and in 2009

Left, Tanners End Mission, Bull Lane in the early 1900s; and right, today (2009). Note the blue notice above the main window: 'Tanners End Free Church' and the different railings / hedge. It also looks as if there have been replacement windows in the original openings.

Pymmes Villas in 1935 taken from inside Pymmes Park and in 2009

Whereas most of the 'now' locations on this page are still recognisable as the 'then' locations of a century ago, the changes in the Pymmes Villas area are dramatic. Lyndsey Besemer who took the 'now' photograph has given the following explanation:

Part of Pymmes Park was taken away when the North Circular Road was widened, and this has changed the whole look of the area. Where the gates to the park were is now in Victoria Road. So it was difficult to gauge exactly where the 'then' photo was taken from. To take the 'now' photo, Lyndsey Besemer stood with the railings of Pymmes Park behind her on what is now the junction of Silver Street and Victoria Road.

The road that goes from left to right was the original Silver Street and is now a part of the North Circular Road called Sterling Way. There is an underpass under Sterling Way which carries the main bulk of the North Circular Road traffic.

The large building is the telephone exchange and the smaller building in the distance (in between the exchange building and the signpost on the left of the photo) are flats and, although you can't see it, the railway line runs in between them. Out of sight to the right of the exchange are blocks of flats, a grassy area and Gloucester Road.

If you can add anything to this page or provide a photo, I would be pleased if you would contact me.

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