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By John Cole

At the time when the Huxley Estate was developed, Edmonton was mainly rural as can be seen from the following map.

old map of Edmonton area in 1894, thumbnail

1894 map of the Edmonton area showing its rural nature and the earliest roads of the Victorian terrace houses. Tap/click for a larger image.

There were small pockets of small workers' houses situated behind i.e. to the west of Hertford Road, and the railway was built to skirt these. To the west of the railway were mainly fields, with small hamlets dotted about. The rest was agricultural. When our parents grew up in the early 1900s there was nothing to the north of Cheddington Road, and at the west end of Henley Road and Oakfield Gardens was a nursery, as there was to the west of Windmill Road. Yes, I remember the remnants of the windmill.

There were houses along the north side of Silver Street and these were larger than those of the Huxley estate, so I think they were privately owned, as was the Clarke house on the south side of Silver Street. I am dubious about the southern ends of Bulwer Road and Sheldon Road. I remember them as being slightly larger and of a different design from the others on the estate but I am unsure whether they were estate or private.

There were three parallel transport routes running due north from London:

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