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What Life was really like -
by people who were there

The following images show just a small sample of what is in the website - see the menu for more.

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  • Recollections from people who lived in those times.
  • Old photographs and photographs from museums.
  • How ordinary people used to live (for family history; school projects; social history; general interest; etc.).
  • Talking points with elderly people who will remember much of what is here.
  • Photographic stimuli for dementia patients whose long term memories are better than their short-term ones.

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A coalman at a coal yard loading sacks of coal onto a delivery lorry, mid 20th century

Coalman loading coal ...

Horse-drawn tram in Edmonton, north London  c1900, thumbnail

Public transport ...

Two-wheel baker's hand cart, thumbnail

Delivering bread ...

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This website Join me in the 1900s is a contribution to the social history of everyday life in 20th century Britain from the early 1900s to about 1960, seen through personal recollections and illustrations, with the emphasis on what it was like to live in those times.