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The cost of a typical London
suburban house in the late 1930s

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9 Brook Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex, England in the late 1940s.

9 Brook Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex, photo taken in the 1940s. There was a strip of grass along the middle of the road which looked very elegant before the Second World War because there was a low chain fence all the way round it. Sadly this was removed for the war effort.

My father paid £835 for 9 Brook Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex in April 1938. This was a year before the impact of the Second World War hit house prices when I understand that there were For Sale notices all along the road.

The house was on the northern edge of London's suburbia. A plan of the house layout is on another page.

According to old documents which have remarkably survived, he put down £200 cash and used a mortgage with what was then Abbey Road Building Society.

The monthly mortgage repayments were £4, as shown by my father's account book and his monthly expenditure. This is in the old £-s-d currency. There are conversions to today's currency on the internet, but money has devalued so much that only the pounds are really significant today. The number of shillings indicate the fraction of a pound, where there were 20 shillings to a pound.

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