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Sources for the mid-20th century material

There is a page on the early 20th century sources

I originally set up this website to publicise my mother's recollections of life in her childhood in the early 1900s. Reactions were gratifying with hits of between one and two thousand each day, and emails of thanks arriving from all over the world. These repeatedly asked me to add my own recollections of my childhood a generation later in the London suburbia of the 1940s and 50s, ie of World War Two and its aftermath.

I resisted at first because I felt that there was nothing unusual about what I could say, that surely it would be well-known and that thousands of other people shared similar recollections. However, my mother must have felt the same, but it did not deter her. There probably were also hundreds, if not thousands, of people who could have written what she did too - but they didn't do it - and her commitment has given a great deal of pleasure and proved useful.

So I have been persuaded to add my own contributions. I have approached the task by asking myself as I go about my everyday life in the 21st century what I am seeing around me now that is different from what I saw and experienced in the 1940s and 50s - and accordingly what later generations might like to know more about. My emphasis is on what living in those times was like, specifically not a history book account of events or a manual for old equipment. Plenty of other sites fulfil these purposes.

The site has also benefited from various papers and receipts kept by my father, which have stimulated me to find out and record something of their context, and I am grateful for additional information and photographs that have come in from visitors to this website. All contributing individuals are acknowledged on the pages concerned.

Finally I am grateful to my husband, Neil, for his ongoing interest and support.

All text and images are copyright - see Copyright issues.

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