Old-style harvesting in action
with family fun and entertainment

With great regret this show has been postponed to September 2022 due to Covid-19 uncertainty and the long timescale for organising such a meeting

John Deere Model D 1948 with International McCormick Binder

Binders cutting and ejecting sheaves

Harvesting sheaves using pitch fork

Sheaves being pitch forked onto a trailer

Allis Chalmers Allcrop 60

A combine harvester cutting and threshing

Tractor ploughing

Plough in action turning over and burying the stubble   

A bouncy castle

Bouncy castles are always such fun

Minature tractor and trailer

Little rides round the site for little folk

Rides on large trailer pulled by tractor

Large rides round the site for all sizes

Food stalls and beer tent

Plenty of food stalls and a beer tent

Farmers reap what they sow | Chichester Post

Traction engine drives thresher

HUNDREDS of people visited Oldwick Farm to learn about harvesting the old fashioned way.
On Saturday, the first of the two-day annual event, the weather was superb, with people turning out in large numbers to enjoy the warm sunshine.
Visitors also enjoyed the delights of the event which took place in a large wheat field where most of the crop had been harvested to make room for a show ring and plenty of stalls and displays.
During the show in West Stoke, visitors could see the remainder of the wheat crop being harvested using various old fashioned methods.
Children enjoyed the bouncy castle, having their faces painted, events in the ring and petting the horses. Families with young children seemed to be fascinated with the massive Shire horses, all harnessed up.
Puffing sounds and smoke drew attention to steam traction engines chugging away to drive threshing machines.
Another attraction for families were two shire horses pulling a plough. A number of older generation farmers collected around the horses, keen to talk about and pass on their knowledge of the old ways and methods.
In the show ring, adults were entertained by ancient cars, old military equipment and a fun dog show, while children were thrilled with various challenges, including a tug of war against tractors, to see which team could pull their tractor the furthest.

Something for everyone

This event is a rare opportunity to witness working examples of long forgotten farming methods. Come to Oldwick Farm to see the harvest being gathered in as well as much more. Planned events: working traction engines, threshers, binders, combine harvesters, ploughs, old vehicle displays, a show ring, refreshments, a beer tent, archery, commercial stands and fun for children, such as face painting, children's rides, children's tug of war, bouncy castle, etc.

Background to this live demonstration of old fashioned Harvesting methods

The event is an annual one which has proved enormously popular. The farm where it takes place grows large areas of wheat. In one very large field about half of the crop is harvested in advance of the show to provide space for all the other activities mentioned above. During the show antique farm machinery works hard to bring in the rest of the wheat crop.

Charities supported from the event (Total £4300 in 2018)

• Macmillan Cancer Support
• Chestnut Tree House Childrens' Hospice
• Royal Agricultural Benevolent Fund (Charity for farming families in difficulties)

Horse drawn plough at harvesting the old fashioned way event

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