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Features around Windmill Rd, Edmonton, mid C20th: an annotated photo

This page shows Richard Cole's annotations of Andrew Dickson's 1960s photograph from the top of St Aldhelm's spire.

Richard Cole's annotations of Andrew Dickson's Edmonton photo

1. The vicarage garden.

2. St Aldhelm's Old church hall (which was heated by free-standing coke-burning stoves, which I am sure emitted carbon monoxide: every time that I went to Sunday School as a child I returned home with a splitting headache). It has a memorial window to the 2nd Edmonton Scouts who fell in the Second World War.

3. St Aldhelm's New church hall.

4. Tailor's (Taylor's?) nursery, later built on.

5. The remains of the Windmill. This must have been a storage building rather than the windmill itself.

6. Houses in Henley Road.

7. Houses in Huxley Road. Behind that is Cheddington Road. When the Huxley estate was built, around the turn of the century, there were fields behind Cheddington Road.

8. Houses in 'new' Huxley, i.e. the continuation of Huxley Road, that was added in the 1930s.

9. The very new ambulance station, built in the late 1950s on the site of the old nursery surrounding the windmill. The southern half of the nursery site has been taken over as playing fields for the Gladys Aylward school, named after Gladys Aylwood, a missionary to China, who lived in Cheddington Road, Harrington Terrace, the westernmost edge of the Huxley estate.