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Costs of linoleum, a table
and a mirror in 1938, England

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This old bill for linoleum (lino), a mirror and a table can be used to calculate an approximate rate of inflation for floor covering and furniture between 1938 and the present day.

Unfortunately. though, the estimate can only be approximate:

If you can add anything to this page or provide a photo, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Pat Cryer

There is no description of the table to judge present day costs. It certainly was not plain white wood, as our kitchen table was passed on in the family. So it was probably our oak dining room table with pull-out leaves - this assuming that if it had been a small side table, the estimate would have said so.

Also, lino, which my mother always referred to as 'oil-cloth' has been replaced by vinyl which is an entirely different material.

The bill gives the following information.

5 square yards of lino @ £0-2-11½ £0-16-3
1 mirror £0-14-3
1 table £1 - 1-0
    TOTAL  £2-11-6

The costs are of course quoted in the old money.

The receipt is on professionally printed paper and the breakdown of costs is typed with a typewriter that appears to have a new ribbon.

1938 receipt for floor coverings, a table and a mirror in 1938 London, England

1938 receipt for floor covering, a table and a mirror. London, England.

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