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1938 estimate
for linoleum floor coverings

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This old estimate for linoleum (lino) can be used to indicate the rate of inflation on floor covering between 1940 and the present day.

Unfortunately. though, the estimate can only be approximate as lino, which my mother always referred to as 'oil-cloth', has been replaced by vinyl which is an entirely different material.

The estimate gives the following information.

For supplying lino for:
Front room upstairs £3-2-1½
Small room upstairs £0-17-9
Landing £1- 2-2
Back room upstairs £2-13-3
Hall (marble pattern) £2-18-6
Kitchen  £2-14-0
Back room downstairs  £4 - 9-3
handwritten, illegible discount ?
  TOTAL  £12-17-0

The costs are of course quoted in the old money.

The receipt is on professionally printed paper, the breakdown of costs is typed and the discount and sum are handwritten.

I remember these linos. The hall one was dark brown in a marble pattern, which my mother polished till it shone. The other linos had a very small regular pattern and were also dark brown. The one in the front bedroom, though, had a similar pattern but was pale green. I suppose that when my parents bought it, they planned the room as a nursery. It always looked brighter than the other rooms.

1938 estimate for various lino floor coverings in 1938 London, England

1938 estimate for various lino floor coverings in 1938 London, England.

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