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Route displays on London buses
in the mid 1900s

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The destination of a bus was shown as white text on black in display windows at the front and back.

Bus destination display - for winding on to show the correct destinations in a display window

Mid 20th century bus destination display, known as a 'blind' - used wound on a reel inside the bus. Photographed at the London Transport Museum.

Display at the front of mid 1900s London buses showing destinations and route numbers

Display showing bus destinations and route numbers. Photographed in Brooklands Bus Museum.

As there was of course no electronic means of display, each bus carried a length of lettering showing appropriate information for routes on which the bus might run. It was known as the 'blind' and was stored on a reel and wound on every time the route changed, normally at a terminus where the bus turned round.

Routes and times were also displayed on the posts of some bus stops.

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