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The British Volunteer Force
in World War One

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The Volunteer Force was the First World War's equivalent of the Second World War's Home Guard. It was staffed by men who were not called up for service in the forces due to age or disability. These men kept their normal day jobs and worked on a rota system to look after the community's war time needs in their spare time.

Certificate with signature of Winston Churchill for services rendered in the WW1 Volunteer Force, thumbnail

Certificate of thanks for services rendered in the WW1 Volunteer Force, 30 July 1916 - 12th February 1918.

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The following certificate, signed by Winston Churchill, the then Secretary of State for War, expresses the King's thanks for services rendered by my husband's grandfather as a member of a Kent Volunteer Force in the First World War. The king was George V and the volunteer's day job was as a butcher.

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