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Florence Cole as a child

Feeding the family on
washdays in the early 1900s

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For dinner [lunch] when we came home from school, we always had cold meat from the previous day's Sunday roast, served with bubble and squeak from Sunday's roast dinner. We ate these with mustard pickle that one of us children had to go and buy from the shop at the end of the road. We had to take our own basin. It was sold from large jars and cost 1 or 2 pennies.

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When we children came home at the end of the afternoon, tea, as it was called, was simple and the same every day, washdays included: bread and jam or bread and dripping and a slice of cake if any was left from the Sunday baking.

About bubble and squeak

There is a separate page about what bubble and squeak is is, how it can be made!

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