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Florence Cole as a child

The London Co-op shop
in the early 20th century

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This page is based on childhood recollections of shops in Edmonton, north London in Edwardian times.

CWS stood for Cooperative Wholesale Society, and its shop was generally known as the Co-op.

Co-op delivery bicycle, early 1900s

Co-op delivery bicycle. Photographed in the Museum of Nottingham Life

The Co‑op would issue chits which were little perforated squares listing the amount you spent at any given visit to the shop. Customers had a Co-op number which was written onto each chit. Every quarter of the year the Co-op gave its customers what was called a dividend, which was a certain amount back for every pound spent. Dividend was given on everything that the shop sold, including deliveries of milk and bread. My mother also bought her shoes there under the brand name of 'Wheat sheaf'. Dividend was a good incentive to shop at the Co-op.

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The Co-Op making a horse-drawn delivery, 1910

The Co-op making a horse-drawn delivery, Edmonton, 1910.

A Co-op delivery horse and cart, early 20th century

A Co-op delivery horse and cart, early 20th century

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